Angela Bertone

Motivational Speaker

Services by Angela Bertone

  • International Speaker

    Angela has been called a "Spiritual Cardiologist". She is an expert in the field of the emotions and how they can affect the brain and body. Text 985-320-4359 to book Angela at your next event.

  • Invite Angela to your area

    Angela is willing to travel to your area. Plan a couples retreat, a woman's retreat, a conference or be creative. She is willing to be flexible to your communities needs. An emotional revolution is here, to bring hope and healing to the Nations.

  • wellness products and coaching

    Wellness products assist the body to reach and maintain optimal health. Angela is available to coach you on your wellness path. Text 985-320-4359 to schedule your appointment with her today.

  • Private Sessions

    Angela facilitates emotional releases and teaches others to do the same.  She is often booked months in advance and spaces are limited. Text 985-320-4359 to request a session.

  • Spiritual Life Coaching

    Angela Bertone coaches people across the United States and Internationally. She provides scheduled appointments by the hour. In addition she allows for immediate emotional crisis coaching to direct her students in the height of their emotional dysfunctions. Text 985-320-4359 to schedule. Appointments are limited for this inspirational speaker and she is often booked months in advance.

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