Angela Bertone

Angela Bertone

Motivational Speaker

Sharing The Journey We Call Living

I want to welcome you. It is here that I have chosen to open my heart to you and share through the written and spoken word all that has been revealed to me.

This is a place of reflection, expression and validation.

I hope you are drawn here to receive encouragement, inspiration and guidance. Together we can allow our feelings, thoughts, dreams, ideas and the very essence of who we are, to connect us and then share this connection with others. Let's live life in its simplest yet fullest expression of united hearts.

Together we can change the world, one heart at a time.

In Unity "Love" Can Be Experienced

We are filled with the Spirit of Power, Love and a Sound Mind. We are not alone in our bodies. God’s very presence is living within us. It is in feeling His presence, that it manifests. The emotions are the avenue to truly grasp this awareness, which in turn impels us to trust and experience God in our hearts and lives. When we allow our hearts to express our emotions in a healthy way, they heal. Using the knowledge of good and evil from our past experiences can rob us of living and paralyzes us into surviving. Our minds cannot experience the infinite God, because logic uses our finite understanding. Let us open our hearts and the mind of our hearts to receive Divine Guidance, Wisdom and Truth.” This website is designed to share the hidden mysteries of the human infinite heart. The place that God calls His home; us.

About Angela

A Spiritual Cardiologist to the broken hearted

Angela is a licensed ordained minister, who travels across America and internationally, teaching and demonstrating revolutionary truths about the human body and how it relates to our spirituality. She facilitates over 400 personal sessions per year with miracles following. Breaking unhealthy life cycles trapped in the subconscious has yielded miraculous healing to numerous recipients. She has seen cancer die, tumors disappear, a dead bladder come to life, PTSD disappear, marriages heal, symptoms of fibromyalgia and food allergies gone.  Her life coaching has set people free from codependent and self destructive relationship patterns.

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Spaces are limited

Angela is accepting appointments now. Her services include:

Inspirational Speaker
Spiritual Life Coach
Emotional Release Sessions
Life Changing Workshops

Wellness Products and Coaching
Wellness products assist the body to reach and maintain optimal health. Nutritional products that empower the immune system, are life changing and necessary to maintain our health. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week our immune systems are responsible for recognizing, responding to and remembering any and all threats. Angela is available to coach you on your wellness path. Schedule your appointment with her today and get your products at wholesale.


Angela discovered her techniques in the Bible, and explains her teaching with peer reviewed science.

She combines recent advancements in neurobiology and science to explain hidden spiritual truths. In her lectures, she helps others understand how to create desired and lasting changes in their lives. Angela shows how the subconscious brain effect controls a minimum of 95% of our behavior. If we inform the conscious brain without shifting the subconscious brain, our life will not change. The Quantum truth is: As a Man Thinks, so He Is. Invite Angela to speak at your next event for a lively, informative event designed to help you understand the dynamics behind creating the permanent changes you desire in your relationships, business and spirituality.

Current Classes

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Get in Touch

You can schedule an appointment with Angela by phone or in person. Call today.

Angela travels across the United States and abroad. Her calendar is often booked months in advance.


P. O. Box 2124
Ponchatoula, LA 70454


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