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Will You Support The Tangipahoa Parish School Board In Standing For Equality

Please take 15 Minutes and watch this video. If you agree sign this petition and let the Tangipahoa Parish School Board know that you will support them in their stand for equality. Let our voices be heard.

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Will the Tangipahoa Parish School Board Continue to Promote Other Religions and Deny Christianity?

It is time we all take a stand for our freedom and speak the truth. Let Freedom Ring!

The Making of a Book

face book front of cover lion and the lamb (3)Some have asked, “How did you write and publish a book?” Well, here is the short of it:

1) I wrote my story, leaving the critical mind on the shelf and letting the creative heart and soul have control.
2) I hired my editor to engage her critical mind and make my art professional.
3) I hired an illustrator to make my words come to life. First, she and I would read the story and write the descriptions of what I wanted the illustrations to be for each scene. Then she would sketch them and ask for my approval. After that, she would bring them to life with amazing color and emotion. Take a look at what an amazing evolution these images underwent:

She would start with a rough draft of each scene.

Sketch of Joseph teaching Mary how to skip rocks.

Sketch of Joseph teaching Mary how to skip rocks.

Then she would fill in the sketches with color and detail.

The finishing touches would then bring the whole picture to life.

After all the illustrations were complete, my illustrator laid out the book with the designated script and the file was uploaded for publishing. There are a lot of little boring details that I’ve left out, but I won’t tire you with those. The birthing of a book is a labor of love. I hope you love the treasures hidden in every book just for your sheer delight.

Good Mourning Sunshine TV Interview With Beth Davis on Channel 23 WSTY

My Latest TV Interview With Beth Davis on Channel 23 WSTY

Author Interview: Fran Gervais

Black-eyed Susan among the Roses: A New Orleans Memoir is the first published novel for author Fran Gervais, who grew up in New Orleans and along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. I recently had the pleasure of conversing with Fran about her background and her story.

Q: Tell us a little about where you grew up.

A: I grew up in New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Q: Who was the most influential person in your life?

A:The most influential person in my life was my maternal grandmother, who was a gracious, artistic, Christian lady who made me feel safe and worth something.

Q: What is your favorite book of all time?

A: Little Women, by Louisa May Alcott.

Q: Is there a book that you can say changed your life, and how?
A: To Kill a Mockingbird created more awareness in me about civil rights and love of fellow man. Even though I already practiced those values, I became more compassionate toward others of all walks of life.

Q: What was your favorite childhood book?

A: Heidi.

Q: Who is your favorite hero or she-ro?
A: Condoleezza Rice.

Q: If you could meet anyone in the world who would it be, and what would you say to that person?
A: Laura Bush. I would tell her that I would like to have had her as one of my childhood friends.

Q: Is there any book out there that you just have to read next?
A: The Help is the next book on my list to read.

Q: What inspired you to become a published author?
A: I wanted to tell my story to the world, and what better way would there be?

Q: In a sentence or two, make me want to read your book.
A: My story is a passionate one, filled with both joy and sadness. It will help you heal from any hurt you may have experienced throughout your life.

Q: What is your favorite quote?
A: “Never, never, never give up.” — Winston Churchill

Q: Where can others purchase your work and find out more about you?
A: Black-eyed Susan among the Roses is available on I plan to open a Facebook page soon.

Finally Trying Neat Desk

Hello Everyone, I am so tired of coming to the end of the year and having boxes of receipts and dreading the upcoming tax season.

So I am going to try the portable Neat Desk (Click Here Now to read more about it)

I will let you know what I think. If you have used it please comment below and tell us if you like it. The reviews on Amazon are pretty good and I have a friend who loves it too.

Here goes.

Oh no! Not tax season again.

7 Tips for Being the Best You

1. Your past pain and present pain are gifts that shape the person you are today and the person you will become. Let your trials produce patience, kindness and understanding for today.

2. What really matters is what you think about yourself. Put on the mind of Christ–or in other words, think as he does. 1 John 3:20-21 states, “For if our heart condemn us, God is greater than our heart, and knows all things.” Beloved, if our heart condemns us not, then have we confidence in God.

3. You have heard the saying, “Time heals all wounds.” Well, God says that he is time. He is the alpha and the omega; the beginning and the end. Trust in Jesus, for he is the king of the brokenhearted, and he cares for you personally.

4. When you judge others, you are setting yourself up for the same treatment. Rather, when you see someone who is doing something that you do not approve of, realize that that person was sent into your life as a warning to open your eyes to your future.

Jesus himself prayed that we would all be one. If you believe he will have all of his prayers answered, then treat others as if they are already one with you. Pray for others and yourself. Realize that others are your mirror. The Book of Matthew tells us that by the same measure we judge others, we will also be judged. Jesus later said that your own words will judge you. Ouch. Wouldn’t you rather be judged through eyes of mercy than eyes of disapproval?

5. Trust that God has a plan for you and is working everything out for your good, even when it does not look or feel like it. In the Book of Jeremiah, he said he has plans to prosper us and plans for our future. The Book of Romans also tells us, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”

6. Your understanding will affect your happiness. Joy is found in knowing the truth. God is truth. He is speaking truth through all that has been created. Seek understanding, and know this as well: Opposites attract. So if you have a negative thing in your life at the present, that negative is your evidence that a positive is on its way to you.

7. In all of this you can rejoice. So smile and remind yourself that all is well; this too shall pass. Life is a circle. It is bittersweet. So have a cup of coffee or a piece of chocolate, and be reminded how wonderful life is even in the midst of hard times.

Yes You Can

In this post, I will spend a few moments just being really frank with you about my passions. You see, as a writer who planned on writing something for others to read for approximately 25 years before I actually did it, I feel qualified to talk about this subject.

Dare to dream

Dreams are great, but until I decided to act on them, that is all that they were: just my dreams. For much of my life, strangers, customers and sometimes acquaintances would often ask to purchase my books. It always came as a surprise; I did not realize they thought I was a writer. You see, they knew before I did that I was a writer. They could see my passion and my dreams when I spoke. My problem was that I never had any books to sell them. I was not living my life to the fullest, so I would answer, “Oh, I’m sorry, I don’t have any books.”

“Well, you should,” was typically their reply.

At first I would feel honored and flattered, but then I would feel disappointed in myself. I was never moved enough to actually accomplish anything that I dreamed of doing. So I continued serving as a speaker when asked, and co-hosted women’s retreats whenever and wherever I could. I did write some articles and a homemade manual for these retreats, and I started a book about money matters, but I never actually followed through to the end. I would work on them in my spare time or when I needed last-minute resources for my role as a guest speaker. Again and again I would suffer this disappointment when an interested, enthusiastic participant asked to buy my book, and I would have to repeat that I was sorry, but I had not completed my work. It was a dream, but not a priority.

That was until last year, when my husband Michael began to prompt me to publish “that book” I was working on. As you can imagine, I had so many that I had started that I did not know which one he was referring to. “You know, the one that everyone needs,” he said. “You have to finish it. People need it.” Well, as a writer, I felt like everything I wrote was needed by my readers–whoever they were.

I often hear people ask, “Where do you get the energy? What makes you think you can do this? Who do you think you are?”, while others say, “Please write more! Your book changed my life! Oh . . . you are a self published author? Where can I buy your books? What else are you writing?”

Hot air used in the right way can lift you up

As you can see, I have those who are my encouragement, while others seek to tear me down and are actually insulted that I had the audacity to believe in my work.

What I have come to realize is that my work is valuable. I do have stories, and lots of them. I find joy in telling them and I find more joy in hearing what others have to say about them. It is simply rewarding to accomplish my dreams. We all have them, or at least we’ve had them at some point in our lives.

I want to encourage you to live your dreams. If you have lost them, ask God to resurrect them or to birth in you a new dream. Reach deep inside of your heart and discover what it is in life that makes you tick. What brings you joy? What puts a kick in your step? Then talk about it, write about it, brainstorm about it and then act on it. When you encounter resistance or are discouraged by those who tear you down, remove yourself from those influences. Find people who will support you. There are plenty online who will offer encouragement and inspiration by way of blogs, Facebook, websites, etc. Look for us. We are here, just waiting to share our dreams and to help you to believe in yours.

Resistance can make you stronger. That is why lifting weights is such a popular form of exercise.

Strengthen your dreams

Failure, on the other hand, is just learning what not to do next time. Everyone falls down. That is how we learn to walk.