Angela’s Books

From an Acorn to an Oak

Can anything good come from the sorrows and trials life brings? Does purpose exist in our hearts? Were we all created with gifts inside us that are waiting to be discovered like hidden treasure?

Mary, Did You Know?

Volumes one and two, “Mary’s Christmas” and “The Lion and the Lamb and the Promise Foretold” left a young girl wondering if she would live to see the face of The Lamb of God. In volume three, this fictional account of the birth of Jesus, Mary beholds the Christ Child and discovers the importance of all the trials she had endured as a young girl. Experience all the wonder, sadness, and awe she feels at holding her child for the first time, understanding his destiny, and realizing how God would use her to change the world.

The Lion And The Lamb

This is the second book in a remarkable trilogy. It is a fictional account of Mary as a young girl. “The Lion and the Lamb and the Promise Foretold” can be enjoyed alone or as part of the series. We may never know what Mary’s life was like, but we do know that God used this one little girl to change the whole world. What could prepare the heart of a child who would grow to see her own son crucified as the sacrificial Lamb of God? In this sequel to the beloved Mary’s Christmas, Mary struggles to cope with the loss of her beloved lamb, Starlight, as her family celebrates Passover.

Mary’s Christmas

Share the true meaning of Christmas with this children’s full-color, historical fiction, Christian storybook. Imagine the life of a little girl who will one day become the mother of Jesus.

Good Mourning Sunshine

Eavesdrop on my conversations with God as he turns my perceptions of Him and our relationship upside down. Deep love relationships are key to peace and joy in this life. Families everywhere fall apart every day, mostly to broken relationships. Read “Good Mourning Sunshine”, and bring new life to your relationships.