Mary's Christmas

“Mary’s Christmas”, is a children’s full-color, historical fiction, Christian storybook.

Not long before my mother, Sarah, passed, she asked me if I had ever thought about what Mary’s life was like as a child. She continued by telling me that she believed God was very caring in preparing her to be the mother of Jesus. She wanted me to think on it and to imagine her life. I was intrigued, and we discussed it at length. She asked me to write her story, and there were certain things she asked me to include in it. She wanted it to parallel the true story of Jesus. She gave me a few examples to get me started. “Now you have to fill in all the blanks,” she said. I assured her that I would do what she asked, but I had no idea the impact it would have on me or my writing. Because of her prompting, “Mary’s Christmas” is now a reality. In addition, I have in the works two more books to complete my trilogy. The Easter version will be available on March 1st, 2013, and the concluding volume will be released sometime next fall.

In honor of my Spanish heritage, I also have a Spanish-language version, “La Navidad de Maria”, coming soon.

Come along and imagine with me what Mary’s life may have been like. In the first volume, Mary endures a great heartache, which proves to be instrumental in preparing her heart for her future. A hard road lies ahead for a young girl who doesn’t know that she will someday watch, helpless, as her son gives his life to save a lost world. Hope, courage, faith and love are the gifts she will cherish and rely on to overcome her grief. Forever she shall be remembered as the Blessed Mother of God.

“Mary’s Christmas” is available in Hard Cover (English only) upon request.

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